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Mother's Day Acrostic Poems - My Mother



My Mother is great fun                    My mom is great

Yes loads of fun                              Yes she is

Mothers are like treasures                My mom loves me 

Of a far away land                           Oh she does

The love is spread                           The love goes down her veins  

Her favourite colour is red                Her love is so deep

Ever so nice                                    Ever lasting mom

Really cool is my mum                     Really I love my mom


My mother is the best                                  My mother is great

You are great                                              Yes she is

My mother is so nice                                    My mother loves me

Over the years she brought me places           Oh my mother is nice

The best I have ever seen                             The love in her heart is so deep 

Her name is Brigid                                        Her heart is full of friendship

Everyone likes her                                        Everyone, I love my mother 

Remember my mom                                     Really her love is so deep


My mother is the best ever               Mom you're so special

Yes she is the best                           You make me very happy

Mum, I love her                               Mom I love you 

Oh she is the best                            Oh I will never forget you

The best mum ever                          The best mother ever

How I ever so love you mum             How I ever so love you 

Ever so much I love you mum           Ever I so so love you

Right here in my heart                      Right I so love you


Mom I love you                                         My mom is the best

You make me happy                                  Yes I love her

Mom you're the best                                  Mummy is nice

Oh I never will forget you                           On my heart 

The best mom I could ever have                 To be the best mum

How could you be better                             Her heart is in mine

Ever I so love you                                      Ear to ear 

Right I love you                                         Remember I love you


My mother is the best                                          My mother is the best

Yes she is the best                                               You are so nice

My mother makes me smile                                  My mother is so kind

On Mother's Day I'll give her a big hug                   Over the years she's been

Tell her that I love her                                          The best I could ever have 

Her face is sooo lovely                                          Her name is Deirdre

Every day she has a lovely face                             Everyone loves her

Remind her again and again that I love her            Remember her all the time 


My mum is fun                           My mother is the best

Yes loads of fun                          You make me want to smile

My mum is the best ever             My heart loves you the most 

Oh I love my mum                      Of all the things you did

The love is spread                       The family loves you

How I love her so much               Her happy face makes me smile

Ever lasting love                         Eimear loves you the best

Right I love you                          Remember you're the best mum ever


My mom is the best and                                      My mother is fantastic

You know it                                                        You're the best mum in the world

My mom is very kind. All                                     My mother is a great person 

Of her love is kind. She is                                    On Mother's Day I'll give her a card

The best                                                            The colour she likes is red

Her heart is full of love                                        Helen is my mum's name

Every day my mom is full of love                          Every time I love her  

Really pretty, she is the best. I love her                Red hearts are in me


My mother is the best                                               My mother makes me happy

Yes she is the best mother                                        Yes I love her

My mother loves me                                                 My mum is bringing Noel over

Oh my mother is so great                                          Oh my mom is nice

The love that she gives me is so great                        The nice things she gets me

Her favourite colour is green                                      Here she is

Every day I love her                                                  Ear to ear

Red is my favourite colour because I like her               Right I love her


My mum is my best friend

You're my lovely mother

My mum makes me smile

On my birthday you never stop hugging me

The day when I was sad you made me smile

Her favourite food is ice-cream

Early in the morning I saw you awake in bed

Really I love you 

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